EXTIF Pro 2.0

EXTIF pro avoids the typical weaknesses of PostScript / PDF

EXTIF pro is a Software RIP, which directly docks the Windows graphics engine (GDI), and stores the graphical data of the original document directly rastered and colour-separated as CMYK TIFF file. In this way, you will easily obtain exposure-ready image data from all your PC-applications, the result being a perfect reflection of the original.

Within the architecture of Windows operating systems, as a printer driver EXTIF pro belongs to the same class as screen drivers do, i.e. EXTIF pro does exactly the same as your screen driver does, as well, when displaying for instance a PowerPoint document on the screen. So to speak, EXTIF pro provides a screenshot of the entire document at the desired resolution, this way ensuring that in the end, on the printed paper, you get exactly what you saw on the screen before.

Upon request, EXTIF pro also inserts crop marks, register crosses and colour wedges. Besides all common standard CMYK colour profiles, EXTIF pro offers choice also from user-defined RGB and CMYK profiles, optionally extracts neutral grey to the K-channel, and solves the trimming problem by means of optional overlap.

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